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Our new addition and significant remodel has been completed and we could not be more pleased or satisfied. To say that it is spectacular, awesome or simply beautiful would be an understatement. Working with Andy Suttle, the owner of Four Oaks Builder, was truly a blessing. We are relatively new to the area, and certainly had never before tackled a project of this scale. Unfamiliar with the quality of work and/or reputation of any local contractors, we sought the advice of friends. Fortunately, our neighbors recommended Andy and Four Oaks Builders.


Due to some health issues and other somewhat sudden life changes of an elderly, out of State parent, we needed additional first floor space so we could accommodate them relocating and living within our home. The scope of the work was rather overwhelming to us. A half bath had to be not only expanded and converted to a full bath, it also had to be handicap accessible. Our current family room had to be expanded, with closets added and made into a downstairs full bedroom. A new family room had to be constructed to replace the current family room. Wow! Where to begin? We would require footers, foundations, framing, siding, roofing, drywall, flooring, electrical, plumbing...the list just kept growing. Added to that was the need to complete all of the work with some expediency.


From the moment Mr. Suttle first arrived at our home to discuss our plans and needs, we knew we had made the correct choice for our contractor. The Four Oaks Builders web page notes their extensive knowledge, expert solutions and ethical practices. Indeed these are all true, but we would add words like compassion and heart. Andy listened to us, answered our questions, made suggestions and presented us with a drawing and quote in short order. He thought of all the little details which we never had considered. Making sure such things as matching foundation brick, siding, roof, and windows were available for our 15 year old home. As soon as the plans were finalized and the quote accepted, Andy began assisting us with the preparation of the required HOA approval forms and documents. He truly embraced our situation as if it were his if the new space was being prepared for his own parent. Never compromising quality, but mindful of a certain urgency. We appreciated not only his knowledge, expertise, solutions and ethics, but equally his sincere care.


Our project was always moving forward. There were no lapses in the work. We were always kept informed and had daily contact with Andy. While we were not his only project during the work, we were always treated as if we were. The process was well organized, thorough, detailed and meticulous. The few minor glitches that popped up along the way were just that, remarkably few and minor considering the extensive amount of work and necessary coordination of so many individuals and processes.


Ultimately the entire project was completed on time and we are thrilled with the final product. Not only is the quality of work excellent, but the flow of the house as well. Friends, family and other guests have noted that the addition and renovations look and feel as if they were part of the original structure and design. If we require this type of work in the future, we'll only be making one call...Four Oaks Builders.

– Wayne Rentsch

I had a terrific experience with Four Oaks Builders!  Andy Suttle was a complete professional.  He was respectful of my time and privacy.  He was meticulous in calculating his estimate, so that the final cost was not a surprise.  If he said someone would be at my house on a certain day at a certain time, they were.  He kept me informed of where we were in the process at all times.  Andy was very easy to reach when I needed an answer to a question or some additional information.   


Andy met with my insurance person so that he could answer any questions the company might have about damage to my roof.  He was able to get the company to pay for an entirely new roof, and Andy's company took care of the installation when tying the addition into the existing roof line.      


I have recommended Four Oaks Builders to neighbors, friends, and family members.  I would call him first if ever I need work done around the house.    

– Kathryn Vlach

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